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January/February 2013

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The Business of Retina Essential knowledge every retinal specialist needs to confront the business aspects of retina practice & ins outs The of joining an ambulatory surgical center by Pravin U. Dugel, MD Introduction Whether or not to join an ASC really depends on the retina specialist, the ASC and the retina specialist's practice pattern, and while it may not be right for everyone, every retina specialist should certainly consider it. Here are some thoughts to take into consideration about joining an ASC. Will your referral pattern be affected? For the retina specialist, our bread and butter is still referral patients. That's the bottom line. Depending on the regional referral patterns and networks, if joining an ASC means that you're jeopardizing your referrals from those who are not members of the ASC, then you shouldn't join the ASC. In other words, if you join an ASC and you are antagonizing a large part of your referral base, then that is not a good decision, no matter how good the ASC is. On the other hand, if you're a retina specialist who feels comfortable operating in an ASC, who feels comfortable adapting to new technology, who doesn't feel pressured by trying to be as efficient as possible, and who has an ASC where you can operate in a relatively neutral environment, where your referral network is not being jeopardized, then you should consider it. In my opinion there's no better surgical service that's provided to a patient than a well-run ASC. There's no better opportunity for a physician to provide the best service possible than in a well-operated ASC. Pravin U. Dugel 6 Healio.com/OSLIRetina

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