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March/April 2013

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8 Questions with Carmen Puliafito Questions with Dr. Puliafito Starts on page 216 2. Optical coherence tomography. This has been a major breakthrough in retinal diagnostics, and I cannot imagine practicing without it. In fact, OCT and anti-VEGF therapy is a perfect marriage. Anti-VEGF therapy cannot be finetuned without OCT. 3. Small-incision vitrectomy coupled with widefield viewing. Once again, these major surgical advances have emerged over only about a decade or so, and together they have allowed vitreoretinal surgery to be orders of magnitude more efficient and effective. I can only imagine what the future holds if we keep up this pace of innovation on both the medical and surgical sides of retina. nately, it is snowing out while I am answering these questions, and so that means that I will not be riding outside any time soon. The good news is the Vail Vitrectomy Meeting is right around the corner. What do you enjoy doing to relax? I enjoy getting together with friends over dinner and a good bottle of wine. Also, I enjoy a quiet Sunday morning reading the Sunday New York Times. It sounds a bit old-fashioned, but it is a peaceful, relaxing way to get caught up and reconnect with the world, especially after a hectic week. Who has had the greatest influence on your career? It is very hard to single out one individual, as I have had many great mentors who have influenced my career, dating back to the medical school days and continuing right up through my established career. That being said, if I was forced to choose one person, I would put Bill Tasman on the top of the list. He has fostered virtually every aspect of my career, which includes patient care, research, teaching, and advocacy. He was and still is a master at all of this. What's up next for you? I recently took on the task of heading up the Retina Service of Wills Eye Institute. I trained and spent most of my career here. It was a great honor to be selected. I hope to continue to grow the department in all aspects of its mission of delivering state-of-the-art retinal care, teaching the future generations of ophthalmologists and retina specialists, and helping to continue to move the field of retina forward with innovative research. I am fortunate to have a wonderful, highly skilled group of retina specialists on staff at Wills Eye and some of the very best retina fellows year after year; together we will help realize these goals. What are your hobbies outside of practicing medicine? I love road cycling, snow skiing, and music. Unfortu- Carl D. Regillo, MD, is director of the Retina Service at the Wills Eye Institute and professor of ophthalmology at Thomas Jefferson Medical College. He can be reached at Retina Service, Wills Eye Institute, 840 Walnut St., Philadelphia, PA 19010; 800-331-6634; Email: cregillo@aol.com. March/April 2013 • Vol. 44, No. 2 215

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