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May/June 2013

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Eight Questions With Carmen Puliafito Questions with Dr. Puliafito Starts on page 312 Have you ever been fortunate enough to witness or to have been part of medical history in the making? If so, please explain. It has been remarkable to participate in the development of anti-VEGF therapy for retinal vascular diseases. My colleagues and I have been co-investigators in clinical trials of anti-VEGF agents for neovascular AMD, diabetic macular edema, and macular edema due to vein occlusions. This amazing pharmacologic therapy has revolutionized the treatment of retinal diseases, and I feel so fortunate to be able to offer my patients an effective therapy to preserve and improve their vision. What are your hobbies outside of practicing medicine? I have three young daughters (Alexandra is 2 years old and my twins, Olivia and Madelyne, are 8 months old), and I find great joy in spending time with them and introducing them to different activities. We love going to the zoo, children's museums, reading, and enjoying nature. What do you enjoy doing to relax? When my children are simultaneously napping (which is a rare event), I enjoy antique shopping, playing tennis and squash, and going for walks. When we have time to get away, my husband and I also love to travel internationally. What's up next for you? After a very challenging 7 months in which I recovered from serious medical and surgical complications May/June 2013 • Vol. 44, No. 3 obtained from the delivery of my twin daughters, I am very grateful for the caring support I received from my family and friends. I would not be here today without their prayers and love. I am also thankful for the expert medical care I received from the physicians, nurses, and staff at the Johns Hopkins Hospital intensive care unit. It's frightening to be the sick patient, but the ICU team's empathetic care made the healing process possible. My husband, Quan, and I recently moved our family to Omaha, Neb., and we joined the Truhlsen Eye Institute at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. This is our first time living in the Midwest, and we are enjoying the friendly and welcoming hospitality. My new roles will be: (1) director of the Carl Camras Center for Innovative Clinical Trials in Ophthalmology, (2) vice chair for education, and (3) director of the ophthalmology residency training program. I don't think there will be enough hours in the day to accomplish everything, but I will certainly try my best. We are excited to be a part of this ophthalmology department and hope to contribute to its becoming a center of excellence for patient care, education, and research. We are also learning to become Cornhusker football fans! Diana V. Do, MD, is vice chair for education, associate professor of ophthalmology, director of the Carl Camras Center for Innovative Clinical Trials in Ophthalmology, and director of the ophthalmology residency training program at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, Neb. She can be reached at Truhlsen Eye Institute, 985540 Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, NE 68198-5540; Email: diana.do@unmc.edu. 311

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