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252 Ophthalmic Surgery, Lasers & Imaging Retina | Healio.com/OSLIRetina News and Notes News and Notes ASRS Releases Guidelines to Help Retina Practices During COVID-19 Pandemic The ASRS released guidelines to help retina practices and medical personnel reduce risk and assure the health and safety of patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. The guidelines define essential visits for patients and provides a means to catego- rize emergent, urgent and non-urgent, and non-elective cases during this period of limited operating room access, according to a release. For emergent surgical indications, the risk of permanent vision loss without early intervention is high and access to operating room is vital. For urgent surgical indica- tions, the risk of severe and permanent vision loss without immediate surgery is not as high and treatment can be delayed. Retinal surgeons should monitor urgent indi- cations as they can become emergent, according to the ASRS press release. For non-urgent, non-elective patients, surgery can be delayed without significant risk to further vision. Retinal surgeons should follow non-urgent, non-elective pa- tients, as their condition can worsen and urgency increase. The ASRS guidelines caution retina specialists to be judicious with their use of the emergent and urgent designations. Emergent surgical indications may include: Acute retinal detachment – macula attached*; acute retinal detachment – macula detached in a monocular patient*; re- tained lens fragments with elevated intraocular pressure not controlled medically; acute endophthalmitis with severe vision loss; open globe injury with or without an intraocular foreign body*; expulsive choroidal hemorrhage*; dense vitreous hemor- rhage in monocular patient; exposed/infected scleral buckle or other ocular implant (*May be urgent depending on location and character). Urgent surgical indications may include**: Retinal detachment – macula de- tached; retained lens fragment with medically controlled intraocular pressure; vit- reous hemorrhage in which a retinal tear or detachment is suspected (**These in- dications could be considered emergent if the patient is monocular or extenuating circumstances arise). Non-urgent, non-elective surgical indications may include***: Macular hole; dislocated intraocular implant lens; diabetic vitreous hemorrhage with no macula- threatening retinal detachment; retained silicone oil; macular epiretinal membrane/ Vitreomacular traction (***These indications could be considered urgent/emer- gent if the patient is monocular or extenuating circumstances arise). Originally posted on www.healio.com on March 20, 2020. Ophthalmic Surgery, Lasers & Imaging Retina® (ISSN-2325-8160, Canadian BN-12978 0466 RT ) is published 12 times per year by SLACK Incorporated®, and is an official publication of ARVO/ISIE. 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